Management of Custom Feather Flags promotional program

In addition to selling goods, what’s the objective of a Custom Feather Flags promotional program?

From the consumer point of view can be to attract new customers to improve the trial rate, it can be to improve the viscosity of existing customers; from the business point of view may be to clear the inventory, or a short period of time to gain more market share, or with the public relations Activities started to speak; from the market point of view may be in order to drag the opponent through the competition, hungry is not it to do so?

Different Custom Feather Flags | eyeBanner promotional purposes, it is necessary in the promotional means to be integrated with the.

When your product has a very loyal group of customers, but tired of the size of these customers is limited and cause profit bottlenecks, improve the trial rate has become the primary task of promotion. To promote new customers for the purpose of the promotional activities, discount must be avoid, if the discount becomes the first impression of the brand, then your brand will be difficult to stand up. Buy a gift or tie is a good choice, but the principle is: your product as a gift or with other products when tying, we must choose a considerable degree of cooperation products, and then select the affinity with your product is relatively high Products, so the success rate will increase a lot.

It is important to emphasize that the promotion of the trial rate tends to attract some unpopular customers – cheap search customers. These customers only buy discount products, there is no loyalty at all, if your promotional efforts to large enough until unprofitable, it would like to find ways to filter out this part of the customer. Such as buying a bucket of peanut oil plus 20 yuan to send a bottle of olive oil worth 50 yuan. We know that olive oil is a high-end edible oil product, for price-sensitive cheap search customers, they may be more willing to spend 20 yuan to buy more rapeseed oil rather than a bottle they never used olive oil. This activity has no promotional significance for them, and it is not necessary for other customers. We can flexibly use this idea, set up the gate, filter out those who may bring us the loss of customers.

On the contrary, when your brand has a high reputation, and customers repeat the lack of purchase time, you need to rely on promotions to improve customer sticky. This kind of Custom Feather Flags | eyeBanner promotional activities in the form is not very strict restrictions, discounts can buy gifts. The most important principle is to show the difference between the customer and the new customer. Such as members to enjoy greater discounts, enjoy non-members do not have the gift discount, or exclusive distribution, consulting, sale and other services. Your offer for existing customers is not necessary for big bloodshed, but to be exclusive. “Do not suffer from oligarchy and uneven”, where we need to rely on “uneven” to lead the existing customers as your product consumers sense of superiority.

If it is to start the visibility, this promotional activities are more close to public relations activities, and usually as part of the public relations activities to start. This is the most important promotional activities interesting and topic, it is best to cause a small spread in the small range.

As for the inventory, red market share or hit opponents, such promotions tend to have very serious side effects, control the frequency and intensity, reduce the damage to the brand is the most important. This question has been said before, not repeat them.

Of course, with the intense competition in the market, the promotion may not be the taste, intensified price war to make the promotion of a vicious competition tool.
However, I still want to analyze some of the possibilities from the pricing level to solve the promotion problem.

Here is a case of Southern Airlines. Is still the problem, high pricing will bring sufficient profits, but the occupancy rate is too low a lot of waste of resources. How to balance those generous customers and those sensitive customers? The airline will set the ticket price is relatively high, while also providing some special votes. Of course, the former will get better support services, while the latter, in order to pull the gap between the two air tickets, airlines may be in the case of direct air tickets will be deliberately arranged as a transit ticket.

It is worth noting that the transit ticket for the airline may also be a burden, the transfer of ticket resources may not always more than direct access to air tickets. But in order to create the spread of the differences in services, Southern Airlines to retreat, and achieved very good results.

There is also a case that is commonly used in e-commerce “PSS sales strategy system.” For example, a shop to buy black, white, blue three T-shirt, after a month of sales, black and white selling and blue poor sales, when the sales gap reaches a certain value, PSS will automatically run, when the consumer will When the blue T-shirt is put into the shopping cart, the PSS does not make any reminder, and when the consumer chooses the black and white T-shirt, the system will pop up: If you are willing to buy at random, we will offer you 20% discount.

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For those who care about the color of the people, they are willing to dig the full price to buy their favorite color; and some people do not care about color, if the price is the same, they will certainly choose the best-selling color, but if the price is not the same?

Experiments show that the application of PSS will reduce the average sales volume by 70%, the post-sale promotion pressure is greatly reduced, the pricing strategy has successfully completed the task of promotion activities.

Unlike the case of China Southern Airlines, PSS provides the convenience of allocating its own resources while developing differential pricing. This is of course the ideal situation, but the market is unhappy in all likelihood, in this dilemma, the Southern Airlines off the wrist strategy is even more worth learning.

Whether buying gifts or discounts, Custom Feather Flags promotional activities is nothing more than the original price of the product sales. That being the case, why not once in pricing once and for all? Of course, the difference in pricing should have a different product or service, when your resources can not provide the convenience of the difference, then think of ways to create the difference.