Custom Feather Flags promotional control

In a lot of anxious market competition, promotional activities with Custom Feather Flags advertising have been promoted to a normal, “no promotion, no sales!”. And in-depth line after the discovery of the market, a wide variety of promotional activities, although the breadth of enough, but in the depth there is still much room for improvement.

Control the Custom Feather Flags promotion at a just enough level, so as not to damage the brand.

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A little understanding of the Custom Feather Flags promotional activities of friends all know that the promotion is injured brand. Whether discounts or buy gifts, too frequent concessions will become the norm in the minds of consumers, not only will cause fatigue, more likely to make the brand to restore the original price after nobody cares. In order to solve this problem, many brands will take the initiative to reduce the frequency of promotions, or by buying gifts to replace the discount. These measures are effective, but do not grasp the nature of the problem.

Promotions the most important thing is to give consumers a favorable reason to convince them that our low price is a reason, is temporary, but not the state.

Traditional promotions will generally use the festival as their own reasons for the promotion: the Spring Festival big feedback friends, Mid-Autumn Festival duo friends, National Day big discount friends, and so on. Some brands or shops will come up with a “anniversary”, also considered a kind of innovation.

In addition to the above two reasons for the Custom Feather Flags promotion, the author found more interesting possible:

Some businessmen in order to obtain the credit card inside the customer personal information, used to build the database, will launch a “credit card 95 fold” activities.

Alipay promotion early, and some shops or stores will be launched, “Alipay pay 10% discount” concessions.

Hungry early in order to flow from the PC into the mobile side, will launch a “client pay relief” activities.

It is easy for us to discover that the initial purpose of these concessions is not to promote, but to develop a habit of spending or to collect customer information. But think about it, if we need to set a takeaway, hungry to provide “client to pay relief” activities, and the US group did not have this activity, when the two ways to book for us when there is no difference, we will Choose which This does not reach the purpose of promotion?

Above, I would like to point out that: the reasons for the promotion may not be limited to festivals or original festivals, we should see the possibility of infinite, promotion is far from homogeneity.

However, not all the reasons for the Custom Feather Flags promotion of innovation are positive. We have to find the reasons for the promotion must be directed at the purpose – to allow consumers from the bottom of my heart to accept the temporary and preferential promotion of the particularity.

Whether it is “credit card 95 fold” or “Alipay pay 9 fold”, will not give “cheap goods” feeling, we are very clear business discount purposes, it will not question the business to cancel the discount, consumers really feel To “accounted for cheap”, the brand premium has not been damaged.

Another example, home appliances to the countryside. I think this kind of promotional activities on the brand’s damage can be weakened to negligible. Consumers understand that the country to help me pad the money, when the end of the national policy, I must purchase the original price. The brand did not bear any burden. Of course, we can not make an article on national policy, I just provide such an idea, we can find some new promotional reasons, so that consumers feel the objectivity and resistance to the reasons for the promotion, feel the promotion came the business Not a business made up the promotion, feel the real benefits, at the same time, timely replacement of promotional reasons. In this way, the brand will no longer be scarred for promotion.

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Promotion is not just for the sale of goods, promotional purposes to be refined

Have asked the head of a Custom Feather Flags promotional project: What is the purpose of the promotion? He replied that he was selling goods.

I asked: in addition to selling it? He said, in addition to selling or selling goods, or do what promotions.

Although there is not a lot of front-line staff talked about this issue, but I dare to conclude that the vast majority of people are the answer, which is the vast majority of the market from the promotional activities reflected in the.